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We understand how life can sometimes be demanding and all you want to do is grab your favorite drink, comfort food and spend the rest of the day relaxing. That is why Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa's lobby has what you call STORES providing you your needs and wants. We have places where you can dine, pick out clothes, buy your groceries and other necessities. At the ground floor, we have a supermarket and other convenience retail units where you can get emergency supplies needed in your home or for a celebration with your family and friends. We have individual mailboxes for you in the ground floor where you can securely receive your mails and packages. For those living the on-the-go life, we are surely keeping up with you! We have three elevator units per tower that can easily and efficiently  bring you from the skies back to the ground, or the other way around, in just a minute or two.

A life of comfort and convenience for you is our priority. That is why we have a compliant provision for water supply, drainage and electric power supply so you will experience no hassle in doing your daily chores and your usual day-to-day activities. We also provide emergency power in case of black outs for areas and units used by the residents commonly and fire protection and alarms for your safety.  Garbage is routinely collected from every floor by the property garbage disposal company so you can maintain your place squeaky clean and bright. If you want to start or end the day easing your muscles and mind, revel in the fresh water at our swimming pool. For those who have adorable little kids constantly wanting or demanding to go to a resort, you can also bring them to the pool where they can swim and play. If they are still not tired and want to spend the weekend playing, you can bring them to our children's playground where they can have fun and meet new friends. We also have parking slots where your cool ride is secured and safe.

For those who like to have their morning jog or afternoon brisk walk, we have terrific news. You can stay fit walking around or jogging without having to go far since we have a built in jogging path for you! For those who love to paint or practice a few dance moves, we have multipurpose rooms where you can invite your whole gang to practice a presentation for work or throw a party. We also beautiful landscapes that are designed to perfectly match the modern city vibe of the tower. And our masterpiece, inspired by the smooth and harmonious flow of the water, The Deck, with its mini pool and colorful flowers and plants is the perfect spot for you to see the panoramic beauty of the metro in all its glory and feel like a king or queen, having bravely conquered and survived the concrete jungle called Manila, on top of this mammoth structure.

First Rate Amenities at the Deck

  • Inspired by the graceful and sinuous rhythm of the water, The Deck is conceived and designed to offer maximum experiential values for you and your friends. Revel in the irresistible waters of the pool, enveloped by a garden of evolutionary creativity or party at the multi-function hall of urban thought.

Indulge at the Stores

  • Head down to the ground floor retail area aptly called, STORES, an area that is skilfully designed to invoke the sensibilities of today's cosmopolitan consumer.

Development Features

  • Convenience Retail Units (Including a supermarket) at the Ground Floor
  • Compliant Provision for water supply, drainage, and electric powersupply

Building Features

  • Main Lobby with individual mailboxes
  • Three (3) elevator units per tower
  • Fire Protection / fire Alarm
  • Partial emergency power for common areas and units
  • Garbage collection area per floor

Common Amenities

  • Multi-purpose Room/s
  • Swimming Pool and Deck
  • Children's Play Area
  • Landscape Areas
  • Jogging Path
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